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Australian Made, for Australian Conditions

Drawing on 50 years of local manufacturing experience, Composition Materials Engineering proudly introduces CME Tactile to the Australian market.

CME specialise in tactile indicators, also known as Hazard Tactile Indicators, to alert pedestrians that may be visually-impaired or blind and need these tactiles to alert them of any danger. They’re used in train stations, high traffic areas, pedestrian crossings, and many more places where people need to be aware of hazards around them.

Our tactile indicators provide easy installation and application on any stair or ground surface and are designed with safety and quality in mind.

With the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) 1428.4.1:2009 – Design for Access & Mobility as our pinnacle, CME Tactile has designed and formulated an Australian made and manufactured TGSI Access Tile range to support our customers & to be safety compliant with the:

Using a highly advanced polymer and chemical composition inSheet Moulding Compound (SMC), developed in Australia for Australian Conditions, our Surface Applied Warning & Directional tactile indicators guarantee:


Also known as Hazard Tactile Indicators. Alert pedestrians who are blind or vision-impaired to a hazard in their line of travel. These tiles indicate that the pedestrian should stop and determine the nature of the hazard.

Warning Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Victoria
TGSI Installation VicRoads Approved
Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Installation


Assists vision-impaired and blind pedestrians to navigate open spaces and lead them to a designated, continuous route. These leading tactile indicators consist of raised directional bars.

Direction Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Victoria
TGSI Installation Victoria
Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Installation Victoria Australia

Features & Benefits

Colours Available

Surface Applied TGSI Tiles available in:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White


All CME Tactile products have been independently tested to achieve compliance with AS / NZ 1428.4.1:2009.

UV Stable

for Australia’s Harsh UV Conditions

Design for Access & Mobility

Size: 300mm x 600mm